DruidCast – A Druid Podcast Episode 186

DruidCast – A Druid Podcast Episode 186

Shownotes for DruidCast Episode 186

I Caught her Eye – Bog bodies – https://www.bogbodiesmusic.com/

Adventures in Nutopia –

Apple Podcasts – https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/adventures-in-nutopia/id1649333497;

Spotify – https://open.spotify.com/show/0bBtTtrenATW3tyBMmke8l?si=deecfb15790a4d72

The Talky Bit Interview – Matthew Baker – https://matthewthomasbaker.com/

Dame Death – Raven’s Riddle – https://www.facebook.com/The-Ravens-Riddle-102046522644622

Samhain — Wyrd Tales – https://www.wyrdtides.com/

DruidCast theme – Hills they are Hollow – Damh the Bard – https://www.paganmusic.co.uk/

For more information about the Druid tradition – https://druidry.org/

One response to “DruidCast – A Druid Podcast Episode 186”

  1. Hi Damh, I always look forward to your monthly podcasts. They are entertaining & informative & a joy to listen to. This month’s music was right up my street, thanks for that. The Talky Bit with Matthew Baker was so interesting, he is such a fantastic person. I am really looking forward to listening to the Adventures in Nutopia podcasts when they begin – the taster session has piqued my interest.
    So until next month Happy Samhain to you & Cerri.

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