DruidCast – A Druid Podcast Episode 120

DruidCast – A Druid Podcast Episode 120

Shownotes for DruidCast Episode 120

Heron Valley (Daughter Song) – Nigel Shaw and Carolyn Hillier – http://www.seventhwavemusic.co.uk

The Life of Iolo Morganwg – Kristoffer Hughes – http://www.angleseydruidorder.co.uk

The Mabon – Dreow Bennett – http://www.facebook.com/dreow.bennett

Creatures and Demons – Lucy Ward – http://www.lucywardsings.com

Wikka Woman – Inkubus Sukkubus – http://www.inkubussukkubus.com

The Three Noble Strains – Claire Hamilton – http://www.hamiltonharps.co.uk

DruidCast Theme – Hills they are Hollow – Damh the Bard – http://www.paganmusic.co.uk

For further information on Druidry and the Order of Bard Ovates and Druids – http://www.druidry.org

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