IMG_3246In July 2013 I wrote a blog post called Is ‘Busy’ the new ‘Fine’? Just a little reflection on the way our modern lives have been filled, and over the past few weeks I’ve been exploring this topic a little deeper. I’ve been looking at how I spend the priceless minutes of my life – what I need to change. It’s a valuable process and one that I thought I’d done at the end of 2013, but looking back I just acknowledged the need for change but didn’t, in fact, put anything in action to make the changes needed. So as Autumn falls and there is space for reflection I thought this time I would do it properly.

What is important? What is less important? What needs to go completely? Where would I prefer to be using my energy?

There are many aspects to this exploration and one of them is the way I spend my working life. I’m a musician and songwriter. I love the creative process of writing and recording music and songs, yet I only release an album every other year. I also love entertaining, and playing my songs live. My heart yearns for the creative process but any musician will tell you that it’s hard to find that sweet spot between creating music, and playing it live. It’s the reason most bands tour and play their concerts all in a row, then get back to the studio for the new album. Two distinct processes.


In 2015 my plan is to  leave a good chunk of the year mostly clear for writing and recording. I know it’s unrealistic to think it can be left completely free, so let’s just say ‘mostly clear’ and be happy with that. I love playing live too much to stop completely, so will always be there at some of the festivals and camps, but maybe not as many as in the past. BUT after the recording is done, I’ll be hitting the road to play dedicated concerts at music venues, so keep an eye on my concerts page here for details as the gigs are added (or if you want to be sure to get the dates sign up for my monthly eNewsletter from the front page of this site).

There is an analogy of a glass being either half empty or half full. I am blessed that my glass is beautifully overflowing, so time now to drink some of that water, and make space for it to refill again.