album_crowSince I created Herne’s Apprentice the music industry has changed, I think for the better. The internet has been a curse to the traditional music industry, but a gift to independent musicians. Herne’s Apprentice, Hills they are Hollow and Spirit of Albion were all produced as CDs, but in 2006 they all became available on iTunes and other digital services. The Cauldron Born was my first CD to be launched both physically and digitally.

My new CD Tales from the Crow Man is finished, and has been sent off to be pressed, but I’ll be away touring in Australia until the 1st December so won’t be able to send any out until then. People are already reserving their signed copies through my website, but I’m also getting a lot of emails and tweets from people who want it right now! I’m really happy to be able to let you know that, if you are a fan of the digital download you can get my new album right now! Just click here and you’ll be taken to the site.

If you’ve already paid for a CD and would prefer to get your album through the download service, just email me through the contact details at and I’ll issue you a refund for the CD.