Down in the Garden – The Making of Antlered Crown and Standing Stone

Continuing the series of short ‘making of’ videos, this one tells the story behind the song Down in the Garden.

The new album, Antlered Crown and Standing Stone, is available here

Previous videos can be found here:

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One response to “Down in the Garden – The Making of Antlered Crown and Standing Stone”

  1. Thanks Damh, I listened to your new CD on the way back from Devon, I had been there for my Grandmothers funeral. She was a Methodist Christian all her life, and going to the Crem and the church was very strange. I did a tribute to her, and realised that it is because of her, that I love nature, and legends and storytelling. Everywhere we went, she would tell us of the Legend or a bit of the history of the place, and the woods we walked through, the picnics we had. Anyway, I digress, when I heard the words of Down in the Garden, I cried, as I knew that she is there, in Nature, (crying now – sorry) in the sunrise and the birdsong. Despite her very Christian attitudes, it is because of her that I am a Druid. Thanks for the song, it really helped when I needed it xxx Much love and peace to you xx

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