From the Cauldron 5: Does a deadline scare the muse?

A while ago I set myself the deadline to have my new CD pressed and launched by March next year. So far so good…. But I have realised something about my personal creative process. It seems that when I set a deadline, my creative muse does a runner, at least for a while. Maybe it’s the approaching date that adds pressure to the writing and recording process, but I’ve decided that after this CD is finished, I’m not going to set a deadline ever again.

I know that for some people a deadline is important – that without one they just cannot get going, it seems to inspire them. I have no problem motivating myself, so I say stuff deadlines, let the Awen flow naturally from the Cauldron. I do still hope to have the CD ready by March next year – it sounds a long way off, but I know it isn’t really – but I’m taking the pressure off myself now, and just want to enjoy making this album.

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