Damh, Cerri and Oscar visit Madron’s Well

Damh, Cerri and Oscar visit Madron’s Well

Hello lovely people, we are back with another video, this time we are in Cornwall at Madron’s Well. This is such a fabulous, sacred, and beautiful place. There is the Wellspring and a “Celtic” chapel, both are steeped in the folklore and spirituality of both the ancient pre-Christian and Christian people of the area. It is a place of deep healing. Some people may find the clooties that adorn the trees uncomfortable, but for us, they felt right and sacred. So many emotions come together in the space, quiet prayers for the departed, the lost, and the unwell, the need for connection and healing was profound.

Whether you find clooties a difficult subject or not it is hard to ignore the depth of feeling those ribbons and offerings represent. Standing amongst the trees with the gentle sound of the water at our feet, there was no angst or bad feeling from the place itself, this felt like a sanctuary for all those difficult emotions.

The music is Damh’s Voyage of Bran (remastered) from his ‘Hills They Are Hollow’ album

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5 responses to “Damh, Cerri and Oscar visit Madron’s Well”

  1. How serendipitous – we were there just a couple of weeks ago. Also some fantastic barrows around that area (as well as Merry Maidens of course ). Got to love living in this beautiful land

  2. I hope you don’t mind me asking, but as an American who just had to Google what a clootie was, what makes them a “difficult subject”?
    I’ve wondered for years what was behind the ribbon draping (as I’ve seen it on TV, but never mentioned by name), but I had forgotten about it until today. Thank you

  3. What a lovely peaceful video. Thank you for sharing.

    I couldn’t help wondering if Madron was the same as the Welsh Modron who was the mother of Mabon and figures in the tale of the Twrch Trwyth in Arthurian legends. She was a mother Goddess which might explain the connection to children plus the fact that her son Mabon was stolen from her when only 3 days old. ( similar to the story of Rhiannon)

  4. Hello Cerri, Dave and Oscar! Thank you for the wonderful visit to Madron’s Well ~ you always make it such a special journey ❤️

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