Coffee with Damh

Coffee with Damh

Every Monday at 8pm UK time Philip Carr-Gomm does a live broadcast from the Facebook page of the Order of Bards Ovates and Druids called Tea with Philip. Hundreds of people from all around the world tune in and connect with a meditation, and then Philip will give a little talk about an aspect of Druidry and the Order. Yesterday Philip was away in the USA so he asked if I would step into his shoes and host the broadcast, and I was delighted, if a little nervous, about doing it.

Yesterday at 8pm UK time we shared Coffee with Damh. We tuned in with each other, then people asked me a couple of questions about my music, and I played a couple of songs live. The sound quality during the songs isn’t brilliant, but it’s ok, and it was wonderful imagining people all across the Earth listening and join in.

So here is the video.

Grab a coffee (or tea if you prefer) and enjoy the chat and music.

8 responses to “Coffee with Damh”

  1. How do you do that? Here I am, minding my own business and the next minute you have tears in my eyes. Antlered Crown and Standing Stone gets me every time. Thank you for your music Damh. Hope to hear you live again sometime this year.

  2. Actually got the opportunity to meet Phillip while he was in USA… Wonderful! I told him your music is what actually led me to my Druidery path. Thank you for that and all your music… I have all of your music and am likely one of your many biggest fans. 🙂
    Love the tea time! So glad you guys are doing this.
    Peace and love…

  3. That was great! Now we have had a sneaky peek at the sword of the Order, I am wondering if it has a name – or is it secret?

  4. What a delightful way to unwind for the night. This was just what I needed last night, thank you for sharing it!
    Have you ever considered doing a show on Concert Window? I’m not sure how it works for non-US folks but SJ Tucker, Alexander James Adams and Ginger Doss have each been doing regular shows via concert window. It’s a great way to play live for people all over the world! I would certainly tune in to a Damh online show!

  5. Thanks, Dave; That was absolutely Brilliant! As I sit here sipping my Crio Bru, I’m feeling Blessed that Mr. Treble’s voice was Banished, & that you carried on with your musical gifts! You & Gwdion Pendderwen are both inspirations to me, & I hope to be singing your songs around the campfires for years to come. 🙂

    I still haven’t made it to Glastonbury yet, so I greatly appreciate you sharing the OBOD Sacred Sword with us. I imagined myself there, & I visualize myself in the Land of my Ancestors, in the near future. Thanks for the “Sing-a-Long.” I often sing along with your music,” & imagining all of us around the World, singing with you (as we watched this), was great fun! Brightest of Blessings. /|\

  6. That was great! Now we have had a sneaky peek at the sword of the Order, I am wondering if it has a name. Hope to someday here you perform live, you are amazing! Such lovely, wonderful music!

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