Tales from the Road

Tales from the Road – Touching the Past

We left Hallstatt in the rain and saw a very different view as we took the boat across the lake and made our way back to the tiny train station. Hallstatt looked just as beautiful in the mist and rain. The lake and mountains like an ever changing

Tales from the Road – Hallstatt: The Place of Salt

To scholars of the Iron Age there are two places that inspire awe and wonder. Places of beginnings. Of the earliest cultures that for many years have been termed 'Celtic' (although that word does seem to have become a little more problematic over the years). These places

Tales from the Road – Walking on Glass and the Bones of the Mother

I last played in Canada in 2012 in Ontario at the Sparks Symposium so was really looking forward to getting back to that massive and beautiful country. This time I was heading west to a venue about 45 minutes outside of Edmonton. I landed at Calgary airport

Tales from the Road – Two Beltanes in one Year

I've been back from Australia for just two weeks but already the Sun's warmth feels like a distant memory. Summer to Winter in 24 hours is a little weird to say the least, but at the moment I'm really enjoying the iciness of the air, and the

Tales from the Road – Sydney, Melbourne, and the Great Ocean Road

It has been so good to be back in Australia! This is going to be a little photo blog of our journeys so far. We stayed with our friends Dave and Kelly Garland and met their lovely new baby - lots of baby cuddles ensued! Then Nick

Tales from the Road – Harps, Coffee, Cake, Broomsticks and a Massive Hug

I find airports great places to ground. After a few days at the OBOD East Coast Gathering, having soaked up the love and openness that comes from being part of a wider spiritual community, returning to the rush and distance of everyday life can be a bit

Tales from the Road – OBOD East Coast Gathering

...yes, the New York pizza was spectacular. But in the end we had to move on, so it was back in the car and off to Pennsylvania. The OBOD East Coast Gathering (ECG) is held near the town of Milford at a wonderful site called Camp Netimus.

Tales from the Road – New York City

Really? It's taken this long for me to sit down and write about my overseas tour that ended a month ago? Yes it has. When we got back I obviously had lots to catch up with, and then it was back on the road again for my

“Start spreading the news….” and a Stoat.

Been a bit quiet on the blog recently. I spent last week preparing for the Anderida Gorsedd Autumn camp, then this week I've turned my attention to my first overseas tour of the year. Tomorrow I'm heading off to New York for the first time (like a

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