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It was the OBOD Winter Gathering on Saturday. Twice a year, around the time of the Solstices, members of the Order gather in Glastonbury for workshops, music, ceremony and community. At the Winter Gathering we always have a morning ceremony in the Chalice Well Gardens, then down

Reflection tells us to live our lives, now.

Samhain has come and gone and the Season of Mists is well and truly upon us. Here in Sussex many of the tallest trees are already bare and the leaves of the others are fading from green to gold. If you're a regular reader of my blog

Druidry for Beginners – More to Come

Well I have been completely overwhelmed by the response to my last post Druidry for Beginners and working with the senses. Certainly enough of a positive responce to post some more and make this an ongoing series. Obviously Druidry is a very personal Journey and these exercises and

A Deeper Relationship with the Natural World, both Seen and Unseen

As I sit here looking at the blank screen of my MacBook I'm wondering what to write about in today's blog, and then I look outside and feel that connection and there it is. There are many gifts of the Druid path - there are many reasons

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Let’s talk about death

Seriously. We need to. I just got back from Pagancon in Preston where my good Druid buddy Kristoffer Hughes gave a talk about death. I've featured a few of Kris' talks on DruidCast over the years and some of those have taken this angle too. His talk wasn't

Thinking About – Perfection and Wholeness

When I was searching for a spiritual path the idea of perfection wasn't something that influenced my choice. I guess if it was I would have chosen Buddhism over Druidry and Paganism. Self-development is obviously a life-long quest and we learn throughout our lives, but the quest

Marking our Presence in Time and Space

I think the time between Beltane and the Summer Solstice is my favourite time of year. Beltane brings the height of Spring with the flowers of the Hawthorn dripping in white fingers from the Maiden's tree. Then, as the May flowers begin to disappear the Lady's tree,

Sumer is Icumen In

It's the 1st May today. A glorious date for sure. This morning Morris sides all over the country were out for the sunrise to dance up the Sun and the land was filled with the glorious sound of Morris bells. A tradition celebrated in my song Forgotten, Never

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary research

Every now and then Richard Dawkins turns up in my Twitter feed. I don't follow him but people I know retweet him so occasionally I see his words. I think as a scientist he, and scientists like him, have lost their way. Science is a process, not

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Thinking About – The Young Adult Pagan

Over the past couple of months I have heard two podcasts that were specifically exploring Paganism for the young adult. The first was my own DruidCast podcast with OBOD member Jonathan Wooley, the other was a panel discussion recorded at the recent Pantheacon and presented on T.

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