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Major Influences Part 1 – Phil Lynott

One of the things I am asked more than any other is who have been my major influences when it comes to songwriting, so I thought it would be nice to write a series of blog posts addressing this subject. The question is where to start? So

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A Lyric – That Happily will no longer be Used

Lore says that the ancient Bards could raise welts on the faces of their enemies just by using the magic and power of words. I rarely write political songs but sometimes the energy of the moment just gets to me and a song is the only way

My Red and White Dragon

The young Myrdhin when taken to the doomed tower of King Vortigern saw a vision. He saw that beneath the tower were two dragon eggs out of which hatched one white dragon and one red dragon. There have been many theories as to what this vision might

Sources of Inspiration 2 – Places of Peace

The Quest for the Awen, yearning for those three sweet drops to fall upon my tongue, to open my eyes and see the world through the eyes of a poet is still a Quest that drives me every day. Nature is the world's most intoxicating drug and

Sources of Inspiration – part 1

One of the questions I am asked more than any other is - where do I get my inspiration? There are many, many sources of inspiration so I thought I'd tackle a few in a series of blog posts. It might seem like an easy topic to

New Lyric – Down in the Garden

Death is a lifetime's inevitable climax. As a Pagan I believe that death is not the end, but a door that opens onto a new adventure. But nonetheless when someone we are close to passes through that veil our beliefs, although they can give us strength, cannot

New lyric – Silent Moon

A new song dedicated to the Goddesses and the cycles of the Moon. Silent Moon by Damh the Bard Verse 1: Silver you fly, A ghost in the sky, Like a ship on a boundless deep sea. You are a Goddess, To this holy novice, A spiritual

Under a Beltane Sun

I wrote this song sitting beside the river near Tarr Steps on Exmoor last weekend. It was a perfect day and the song just describes what I saw and felt. I simple lyric, from the heart. Under a Beltane Sun - Damh the Bard (Verse 1) My

The Pressure of the Creative Soul

Having recently turned my attention to writing songs for my next studio album I wanted to write a blog about the pressure we can sometimes feel as creative beings. But then I saw this wonderful video on Philip Carr-Gomm's blog and thought that Elizabeth Gilbert, author of

Video Instructional for Green and Grey

Lots of people have come up to me at gigs and said how they enjoyed the Land, Sky and Sea instructional video I did last year, and did I plan to do anymore. The most popular requested song for this new video was Green and Grey, so

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