Why am I Still a Druid?

I'm not a writer on the Patheos network but I regularly read the blog posts from the writers on their Pagan channel. They recently asked these writers to write an article saying why they were still a part of their religious/spiritual path. Every now and then it's good

The chances of anything coming from Mars

So just after a General Election what else are we going to talk about but UFOs and Aliens? "Engage Warp Drive". "Make it so". And off shoots the USS Enterprise using its amazing warp drive. Standing on Earth, looking up into space, seeing all of those stars

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Extraordinary claims require extraordinary research

Every now and then Richard Dawkins turns up in my Twitter feed. I don't follow him but people I know retweet him so occasionally I see his words. I think as a scientist he, and scientists like him, have lost their way. Science is a process, not

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Measles, Angels and Ayahuasca

I was reading the newspaper at the weekend about how the MMR (Measles, Mumps and Rubella) vaccine is causing controversy in the USA. For years here in the UK many people held (and some may still hold) the opinion that the vaccine can bring on autism in

Thinking About – Science and Religion

There are a few discussions happening on Facebook about science and religion and whether they can exist together, or whether science will make religion/spirituality redundant. I'm very happy that many of the born-again Atheists that, after reading The God Delusion, went on evangelical campaigns to convert the

There is no separation, you are part of me

As I sit here writing this I can look outside and see clear blue skies, the Bluebells are growing, the Daffodils are in flower, and the Willow is budding. Spring is knocking on the door and, as I do every year, I give thanks to the turning

Time to Think!

When I wrote the song Only Human I had just finished watching an Horizon program about feral children. The actions of one of the scientists on the program had left me so angry that I had to find a creative outlet for all of that negative energy,