Thinking About – Feeling Overwhelmed in a World Gone Mad

On Monday I sat down in front of my Mac to write an article for my blog. For the first time ever I just found myself staring at the screen and nothing came to mind. Nothing. Every time my fingers hit the keys my mind immediately filled with

Why is the Wheel Turning so Quickly?

Has anyone else felt that this year is going by quicker than any other? A couple of weeks ago I went to see one of my favourite bands Le Vent du Nord at our local arts centre. Man, this has come around quick, I thought, we only saw

The ‘End times’? What? Really? Again?

There's a lot of noise at the moment. It can be hard to hear the Voice of Nature amongst all of the shouting voices. As I read the news this morning I was informed about all of the 'uncertainty' in the financial markets. Property plans shutting down,

Seasons Change

"Welcome to Damh the Bard's therapy session!" It's what I say when I'm getting towards the end of Wild Mountain Thyme live. It's meant as a bit of fun, to encourage those who might be reticent about singing along, to join in. It builds community. Brings people

A Blessing of Light and of Peace

https://youtu.be/e3STensN-HU At my recent  gig at Witchfest hundreds of Pagans used light as a blessing of peace. This may look like just another cheesy lighter-waving moment, but our intent had been set for the moment of illumination, and in that moment nothing but peace was within our

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If you thought that we would do nothing you’ve misunderstood

Unless you've been lost in the outback or hiding under a rock for the past few months you have probably noticed that there is a general election happening here in the UK very soon. Every five years we, the people of the United Kingdom, get the chance to

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