Margot Adler – April 16, 1946 – July 28, 2014

I heard yesterday of the passing of Pagan author Margot Adler. Now if you read any blogs on the Pagan blogosphere you will read a lot about her over the coming days and weeks - she touched so many lives. Like many others, her book Drawing down

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Fire in Mind – Glorious Pagan Fantasy Fiction

Towards the end of the 80s my spiritual life was turning to a new direction. I'd been a student of Hermeticism since I left school and loved those times, but I was yearning for a more 'earthy' approach to magic. So I began to explore Paganism. I'd

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A Blue Plaque for Gerald Gardner

A week a go I witnessed something quite astonishing. From the outside it would appear quite mundane, not very impressive, a run-of-the-mill establishment ceremony. Just the unveiling of another blue heritage plaque on a house near Christchurch. There are loads of these blue plaques all over the

The Four Cornered Castle – Songbook Volume 2 – Pre-ordering now

I set myself two goals for 2014. To create and release my second songbook, and to write, record and release a new studio album by November. Well, I delighted to say that I am delivering on goal number one. The Four Cornered Castle - Damh the Bard

Website and Blog back online!

Whew! Ater just over a week I can now thankfully start to post here again. I love this website, and communicating with you all through my blog, so it's been hard to hold back writing, but here we are, back on line. I've got to keep an

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Website issues…

Sorry that things have been a little quite on the blog over the past week. A week ago my web server changed some of their security settings and made this announcement: "This web server is currently the target of a huge distributed denial-of-service attack. During this time,

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