Back to the Blog – Under a Pagan Sky Documentary

Back to the Blog – Under a Pagan Sky Documentary

Things have been a little quiet on my blog over the past few weeks. I think as with many people across the world, the 18 months of social change came to a head (well, my head) a little more recently. Maybe it’s that there seems to be an (admittedly moving) end in sight. Maybe it’s coming from some inner searching about how I want my life to be going forward, and that inner searching has caused some confusion, and hence some things have taken a back seat while those little boxes are opened, explored, then either discarded, closed once more, or put to good use. The process is ongoing, but it does feel like some clarity has returned, and that feels good.

So on to the reason for this post. Two years ago Kristoffer Hughes, Cerri and myself, went to Australia for a musical tour, and as guests for a camp organised by friends who run an OBOD group in Southern Australia. If you have my albums you will know how much I love Australia and it was three weeks of fun, depth, laughter, tears, music, ritual and food. We were due to return this year but that didn’t quite go to plan. While we were there one of the gigs was at an event called the English Ale, an event of Morris Dancing, Punch and Judy, Ale (obviously – I love hearing Australians ordering a pint of Adnam’s Ghost Ship and calling it Goat Shit), music, and a torchlit procession with ‘Obby Oss, Mari Llwyd, Giants, masks, the lot, and the procession leads to a giant Wicker Man who, with ritual, is then put to the torch. Last year Kristoffer, Cerri and I were invited to lead the procession and it was wonderful.

During the day and evening, there had been a film crew who were making a documentary about Paganism in the Southern Hemisphere and they asked for an interview. They were respectful, kept a distance from the rituals, and asked sensible and interesting questions. It was a pleasure to have been there and been part of it. Two years later and the documentary is finished and will be shown on Australian TV on the 22nd of June. It’s also being shown at various film festivals and has been entered into some award categories. When the film was done I was sent a link to watch it and to approve the use of my words and music – something that had never happened before when I’d been involved in anything for the media, and it was brilliant. Professional, sensitive, beautifully filmed. I really hope that it will be made more widely available so more people can see it outside of the Southern Hemisphere, but right now I’ve not heard anything. If I do, I will certainly post that info on my social media sites. Or you can follow the filmmakers here on Facebook and hopefully they’ll keep us all in the picture.

But for now here it the trailer for the film. It really captures the vibe wonderfully.

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  1. That looks fantastic… please do let us know if it comes here!

    My partner and I have been to various pagan camping events here in the UK, and we really missed that sense of community last summer.
    Holding onto hope they are able to get together this year.

  2. So great this is being put out there, I believe the truths about paganism needs to get out into the mainstream, for far too long propaganda has been put out there and so many believe it. It is about time our story be told. I hope this is released on all continents. How lovely you and Cerri were part of it.

  3. I can’t wait and I wonder if they got in touch with the Reclaiming Tradition in Brazil and in Australia… I’m just so grateful we’re in a reality wherein we’ve not forgotten ways to spin a culture which is centered around ecospheric consciousness. Proud pagan druid and bard here who’ll be grateful to be able to share this resource so others may understand more deeply the ties contemporary paganism has to the new culture we are responsible for cocreating. Thanks Damh, may the Awen be your lover always!

  4. I am grateful for a tasteful and appealing documentary to find itself forward in our pagan world, at a time of significant religiospiritual and social contrasts, as seen from my wandering positions in the United States of America, it does my heart good to know the Pagan Gods are remaining respected throughout the world. May we always find our way home and may this and similar documentaries percolate to the forefront of modern pagan representation.

    Much love from Belfair, Washington.

  5. I am so excited that we may finally get a documentary that better represents modern Paganism in a fair and intelligent manner. I have seen enough bad representations of what we do to last several lifetimes.

    I hope that they figure out a way for people to pay to see it via streaming.

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