As Nature Intended – LIVE

As Nature Intended – LIVE – (2010)



Damh’s sixth CD – This live album was recorded at Witchfest International at the Fairfield Halls, Croydon – it’s a classic performance of some of Damh’s most popular songs, stripped bare, naked, As Nature Intended.

The bonus track is a dramatised version of Damh’s popular piece of prose The Horned God – An Unofficial Biography, where he gives a voice to the ancient Pagan Horned God, and he tells His tale.

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Also available from iTunes.

Song Listing

Song of Awen

Lady of the Silver Wheel

Pagan Ways

Hills they are Hollow

Merlin am I

Gently Johnny

Spirit of Albion


Anarchy in the UK

Bonus Track:

The Horned God – An Unofficial Biography