Article on Druids in History Today by Ronald Hutton

Here is a fascinating article written by the wonderful Professor Ronald Hutton on the history of Druids. It’s taken from his forthcoming book Blood and Mistletoe – The History of the Druids of Britain, which is the larger brother of his previous book The Druids. Looks like once again it’s going to be a fantastic read!! LINK

3 responses to “Article on Druids in History Today by Ronald Hutton”

  1. Great article and I look forward to reading the book (once it’s out in paperback). There does seem to be some misgivings as to whether or not the grave is that of a Druid because of the “Roman” style of the medical tools found.

    I was personally even more fascinated with the comments from that particular post. A statement was made that struck a cord because of its perfect, honest, simple truth. Something like: “those who do not write their own history are resigned to have it written by others” and therefore, to get to the core, will be virtually impossible in the intellectual world anyway. Fortunately the modern age of Druids we live in today are opting to write their journeys for themselves rather than leave it to interpretation for later generations.

  2. Damh, thanks for the link 🙂 I’ve become rather passionate about the celtic culture lately and this article is one more good piece of information for my education 😉

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