Another New Lyric

A lovely creative time at the moment. A new song in the vein of the Song of Awen showing my love for the Natuwave.jpegral World.

Land, Sky and Sea – by Damh the Bard

Verse 1:

You are the rock, and you are the stone,

Rivers your blood, mountains your bone.

You are the Source, of all I’ll ever know,

Forever my Mother, forever my home.


Oh this town is so cold,

Neon magicians they offer the fools their gold.

For there is a place I’d rather be,

In your wild places with the Land and the Sky and the Sea

Verse 2:

Every step, follows those gone before,

Mystics and Saints, down to the shore,

Echoing waves, and the curlew’s cry,

A call out your name, and hear your reply.

Verse 3:

Cynical thoughts, and lies that distort,

All that is true, all that is true,

They disappear, when I feel that you’re near,

When I’m with you, when I’m with you.

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