Albion’s Living Traditions

I might be a little odd, but my heart quickens when it hears the sound of morris bells, the Bonfire Prayers in Lewes, the sight of the white handkerchief, and the clash of wood and spinning tatters.

If your’s does too here’s a wonderful short film that shows all of these living Folk traditions.

3 responses to “Albion’s Living Traditions”

  1. Thank you Damh for uploading this video. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I have shared it on my FB page for others to see. Thank the gods, there are people who are still carrying on the old customs. I hope Health & safety don’t get their claws into them though! /l\

  2. I’ve listened to hours of T Thorn Coyle’s podcasts because of you, Damh the Bard, who supported her work on your own podcasts. I enjoyed this film, and am increasingly convinced that there are some cultural similarities between Paganism and Tibetan Buddhism. This body feels Pagan (the more I learn) and this mindstream is aligned with 13 years of Tibetan Buddhist thought and practice. You and T Thorn are helping me broaden my own permission to myself to embrace both, hence, all practices that are good. There are no coincidences. I’ve listened to hours of your ever-friendly boisterous voice, Mr. Damh. My respects to the two of you.

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