A new website – a modern day Rite of Passage…

Welcome to my new website!

Here you’ll find album information, song lyrics, news, concert dates, links to the OBOD’s DruidCast podcast, my YouTube channel, a neat contact page so you can drop me anScreen-Shot email, links to my social media sites, Twitter updates, my poetry, songbook, and links to important influences on my spiritual path. I’m also really pleased that my blog is now a part of the site – whereas before you had to leave my website to go to my blog, now it’s all integrated.

So www.paganmusic.co.uk now really is the hub for Damh the Bard on the internet. As well as www.paganmusic.co.uk, www.damhthebard.com and www.damhthebard.co.uk also point to the site, so I think we are GO!

Any website is a work in progress so I’ll be adding photo galleries, links to my written articles, regular blog posts, plus plenty more stuff over the coming weeks.

In this age of computers, launching a new website is one of our modern day Rites of Passage. So here’s to a reborn website! I hope you enjoy it!


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