A Map and a Compass?

Lost on an Endless Sea

We once thought that technology would set us free. That it would create space in our lives for the things we know are important. Odd then that, for many, it appears to have done the exact opposite. I see some of my friends disappearing into a haze of work and some of those into a resulting depression, and often the first thing that goes is any kind of spiritual practice – being placed with other indulgences that are expendable to the unstoppable force of work.

Spirituality helps give our lives meaning. It’s the ship’s rudder and map, and without those it is as if we are adrift on an endless sea, slaves to the elements, and in dangerous waters with no means of navigation.

So I’ve been thinking…

What I need at these times is a focus. Something very simple to remind me what is important. A compass and map. I’m not talking about a full course in Wicca or Druidry, or membership to an Order or Coven, I’m talking about something very simple that, each month, helps remind me that I need to look after my spiritual needs too.

The Imramma

800px-Borongan_City_SunriseImagine standing on the coast and before you is a sailing boat. The seas are calm, and a voyage lays ahead. You have a map and a compass, and you have the stars. You set out on your voyage, your Imramma. You have your home, your safe space to reflect and from which to journey, you are encouraged to connect with the Land, the Sky and the Sea.

Along the way you discover islands. An Island of the Seasons, an Island of Prayer and Meditation, an Island of Myth, where you can pause on your journey to explore and rest. To then get back in your boat to sail off once more. As you journey you are constantly reminded of your home, and you bring that with you wherever you travel.

This is just an idea right now, no promises at this stage, but would you like to join me on this journey?

If you do, I mean really do and not just a ‘that sounds like nice idea’, fill in the form below and let me know. I’ll keep you posted.

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