A Forest on the Ocean

A Forest on the Ocean

Bran carried all of the stringed instruments and Bards upon his back, and together, we made our way across the sea, to the shores of Ireland…

Verse 1

Swineherds, sea shore, such a tale to bring,

Came to the palace therefore to meet the king,

May you prosper, please tell what did you see?

A forest on the ocean, where we never saw a single tree.

Verse 2

What else did you see there, tell me, please confide,

A moving mountain, a lake on either side,

Go fetch Branwen for I know that only she,

May know this vision and solve this mystery

Verse 3

What is that forest, moving towards our shore?

The ships and masts of Albion, that carry Her men to war,

The mountain is my brother as he strides across the sea,

The lakes his dark eyes that gaze at you with fury.