A Blessing of Light and of Peace

A Blessing of Light and of Peace

At my recent  gig at Witchfest hundreds of Pagans used light as a blessing of peace. This may look like just another cheesy lighter-waving moment, but our intent had been set for the moment of illumination, and in that moment nothing but peace was within our hearts and thoughts. A beautiful and inspiring example of Magic at work. Only the last few seconds were caught on the video above and it’s amazing how the light spreads on the final note of the song.

Peace. Peace. Peace.

Like many people I find it hard to control my anger when I read of the acts of violence around the world. It can feel overwhelming. At times like this it’s really important to remember that there are millions of people who are doing good in the world, every day. That the way violence is reported within the world’s media is not as unbiased as many would like to believe.

I pray for wisdom to be spoken in the House of Parliament.

I ask that those of us who walk a path of peace continue to back that up with our intent, our actions, and our words.

Peace. Peace. Peace.

4 responses to “A Blessing of Light and of Peace”

  1. Agreed Dave. The events that took place in Paris were shocking and very upsetting. It’s difficult not to get angry about these senseless acts.
    The media is stirring up a lot of negative feelings by giving biased information and breeding mistrust directed toward the very vulnerable, the Syrian refugees. These people need our help, not to be shunned because of unfounded paranoia.

  2. No cheese here! The radiation of such peace and love will help the world, even in just a small way, but it is a change for the better.

  3. There’s no harm in shining a little light on the dark side of life. I was a Witchfest and the intent and the atmosphere of all those present was truely magikal. Peace to all xxx

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