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Y Mabinogi – Welcome, Arawn

Every Monday morning I have a ritual. I go to my studio/workspace, light some incense, sit quietly, then shuffle a Tarot deck asking the question, "What are the trends I should be aware of in my life this coming week?" I continue to shuffle the deck, focussing on the question until it feels right, I

Initiation and the Power of Transformation

Initiations can often be very powerful experiences. I was initiated into the Order of Bards Ovates and Druids on the Spring Equinox of 1995, having joined the Order in April 1994. I hadn't rushed in. I wanted to be sure I had found my home. I remember the night well. The ceremony was a powerful experience,

A Dream Come True

In 1978 my parents dropped me and my friend off outside the Brighton Centre to see our first ever live concert. It was Thin Lizzy on their Black Rose tour. Our seats were on the left side balcony and I will never forget my first encounter with live rock music. Phil Lynott was a magical

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Y Mabinogi – Just Listen!

In May Cerri and I went on a working holiday to Wales and immersed ourselves in the land from which the tales of the Mabinogion grew. I wrote about the trip in a couple of blog posts just after: Here and Here During that time I wrote the script of the written word sections of the

DruidCast – A Druid Podcast Episode 112

Shownotes for DruidCast Episode 112 Elves and Fireflies - Solana - Interview with William Ayot ( by Philip Carr-Gomm ( I Wish I Were a Tree - Bran Cerddorion - Hippie Pocket - Ginger Doss - DruidCast theme - Hills they are Hollow - Damh the Bard - For further information

Put the Instrument down and move away from the microphone…

I'm sitting here typing this in a state of nervousness and overwhelming excitement. Yesterday I sent off the master of my new album for production. Cerri is sitting at the computer about halfway through creating the album artwork. Once that is sent to the CD makers that is it, it's totally finished and on its way.

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New Lyric – Iron from Stone

Scarborough Faire is an amazing song. Such a wonderful melody and lyric that tells of all of the impossible tasks a human woman would need to achieve to be with a man from Elfland. But I began to wonder... These wonderful folk songs have been left us by anonymous writers from years ago and have

Thinking About – Labels

I'm a modern Druid. What does it bring to mind when you read those words? Do you have an image of what that is, the kind of things I like, the way I behave, what I wear, who I am? Some would say that I have just 'labelled' myself, but have I really? I would suggest

The Power of Initiation

I was sitting alone in a darkened room. It was the Spring Equinox 1995. Outside, somewhere in the house, I could hear movement. I'd chosen this. I kept reminding myself that I had chosen this. Born June 16th 1965 and my whole life had been leading to this moment. Soon I would be initiated as

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New Lyric – On the Shoulders of Giants

After the blue plaque was unveiled I was filled with a sense of arrival. For years it had felt like us modern Pagans had to justify our paths, looking for links to a distant past that gave us some kind of authenticity. Much of this angst came from within the community itself. But over recent

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