Thinking About – The Holy Guardian Angel

I told this story on the blog nearly three years ago, but I've been inspired to tell is again. From that blog: When I was very young I got the Measles. I had a raging fever for a number of days and the doctors were quite worried about me. My Dad

A Druid Creation Myth

I love creation stories. I love Genesis, the Norse creation tale, the ones created by Tolkien in the Silmarillion, the many creation stories of indigenous cultures and peoples around the world. It breaks my heart that we have lost our Celtic creation stories. Some say that the story of Cerridwen

The Song

    I sat beside an old oak tree, "Listen", it said.   A melody, so sweet, carried upon the air, Eyes closed I tasted each note, I breathed the sweetness, Heard chuckles in the grass, As the breath-like wind was cast upon my skin, By the garments of the

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Thinking About – Prayer

I recently watched a program on the BBC called The Sacred Wonders of Britain. It was presented by Neil Oliver and had guests like my friend Ronald Hutton, all talking about aspects of Britain's past, and the relationship to its sacred sites. The first episode looked into prehistory, exploring the

A True Blessing

In a recent post I explored ways we can reconnect to the Source if the hussle and bussle of modern life drowns out the songs of our heart. It happens to many of us, it seems, and I'd like to thank everyone who commented on that post - I know

The Wheel of the Year – Valid or Not?

I sometimes watch with confusion the conversations that develop on social sites like Facebook and Twitter over some of the things we do as modern Pagans. One of the topics that seems to get regularly dissected is the Wheel of the Year and the way it is celebrated. There are

Ritual offerings – Sacred or debris?

Clooties on a Beech tree - Avebury Stone Circle A couple of months ago we took a group of visiting friends to Waylands Smithy, a neolithic long barrow on the ancient track known as The Ridgeway. By the time we arrived the Sun had set and we walked

The Druid Robe

The blog has had a facelift, and a new year has begun, and with it I'll be updating the blog in a different way. On Mondays I'll be writing about an aspect of my spiritual life, and on Friday the post will be of a musical/creative theme. There'll be other

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Down in the Garden – The Making of Antlered Crown and Standing Stone

Continuing the series of short ‘making of’ videos, this one tells the story behind the song Down in the Garden. The new album, Antlered Crown and Standing Stone, is available here Previous videos can be found here: Antlered Crown and Standing Stone Under a Beltane Sun Brighid Branwen’s Lament Sons and

To me it isn’t all in the detail

Take a look at this photo. I took it when I was in the Museum of Natural History in Vienna last week. It's a very small sculpture that has come to be known as the Venus of Willendorf. It's about 23,000 years old. We sometimes seem to be very fond of

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