Y Mabinogi – A Week in the Studio

So the blog was quiet last week as I locked myself in my studio and spent the entire week focussed on the recording of Y Mabinogi - The First Branch. I finished most of the songs, with the final vocal to place on one, but the rest, done. I wrote Rhiannon's

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Is the Album Dying?

I remember the day well. I had just been to Mastersound, a record shop in Haywards Heath. My wages in hand I walked into the shop, found the section I was looking for, and there it was. I pulled the cover from the others and took it to the counter

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Tales from the Road – Touching the Past

We left Hallstatt in the rain and saw a very different view as we took the boat across the lake and made our way back to the tiny train station. Hallstatt looked just as beautiful in the mist and rain. The lake and mountains like an ever changing painting. As ever

A Pilgrimage to Herne’s Forest

The tree had lived for at least 600 years having fallen from its parent as an acorn whilst England was in the grip of the Black Death. It knew the land before combustion engines when all around was silent, but for the falling hooves of passing horses. It had seen

Unity in our Common Ground

Wow, it's been a while since I last posted a blog. During my tour the internet was rare (camping in the countryside combined with mobile data costing £6 per mb was just too much!) so I resigned myself to the fact that I wouldn't be posting while I was away.

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AnderidaFest 2014 – Booking Now

In 2009 and 2010 we organised two fabulous conferences in Sussex. 2014 sees the return of AnderidaFest and what an amazing lineup it is too. Our previous conferences were in July, but they were always competing with other Summer events, so for 2014 we have moved the conference to February,

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Comments Bug…hopefully fixed!

I have just returned from playing a gig at the wonderful Oakleaf camp in Yorkshire and while I was there I was asked why I never released moderated comments on my blog. I had noticed that I had been getting the usual comments on Facebook and Twitter but since I

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Is ‘Busy’ the new ‘Fine’?

I suppose many of us thought that the computer age would give us more leisure time. It's quicker to answer emails than write and post physical letters, almost all of our business and personal activities are on one device, and now we can even take our work with us on

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Time to write that book!

In 1990 I was working as a technical training and overseas sales manager for a company that made agricultural machinery. I was lucky enough to travel to Africa and help train the operators of their machinery on its safe use. I went to South Africa, Ghana, Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya

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